("Venkon NA" LLC), is a new brand on the US market, which is a part of "Venkon Group" - one of the leading business software companies in Central Asia region. More than 3000 companies of different sizes from small businesses to enterprises are using our solutions for accounting and operational management. We help businesses to grow up the efficiency of their management processes and to significantly reduce transaction costs by implementing state-of-the-art ERP software. Now we offer both cloud and on-premises ERP solutions for companies across the US.
In Venkon NA, we think that optimization of your business, keeping all records in one place and monitoring everything at your fingerprints should be affordable for everyone. That is why we offer you our brand new solution Clobus – a cloud based tool to enable integrated control via up-to-second based data of your enterprise to make optimal business management decisions.
Our product is designed for startups and small businesses to control their key business processes.
Our mission is to grow your business by providing an affordable and convenient tool to keep all your records so you can focus on your mission.
What distinguishes Venkon NA most is – we offer you a broad functionality to solve comprehensively the most complex and time-consuming tasks of you for an affordable price. Flexible customization, free post-sales support for 3 months and efficient investment of your resources is what defines our company.