CRM module of Clobus provides focused targeting, segmentation, tracking the campaign performance by sales representatives within different time frames, monitoring planned events via event calendar report, and setting up personal reminders.

Key features of the CRM module:

  • Keeping and tracking customer interaction
  • Implementing customer, product, and service segmentation for sales analytics
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns and their activities by lead count and its potential
  • Tracking interaction with clients at every phase from getting the lead to converting into customer
  • Email campaigns
  • Managing sales funnels and analyzing their performance

Sales module

Sales module of Clobus provides meaningful and lasting relationships with customers, order management, and sales analytics, including net sales by product categories/customers/sales managers, sales trend by periods/products/customers/sales managers, sales variance and more.

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Key features of the sales module:

  • Managing wholesale, retail, and consignment sales
  • Organizing customer information and setting different types of contracts
  • Tracking the sales life cycle from the moment of quotation or order to the issue of goods and accepting the payment
  • Assigning payment terms and conditions with customers using multiple currencies and price types
  • Sending and printing sales invoices
  • Registering the return of goods from customers and issuing a credit note document
  • Setting the sales targets by planning periods and tracking the sales variance
  • Delivery options including self-pickup by customer
  • Flexible management of discounts/promotions
  • Creating price lists according to different price types, groups, and products
  • Serial number tracking and barcoding
  • Printing the labels and price tags for goods, managing the patterns of labels/tags

Purchasing module

Purchasing module of Clobus provides effective procurement of raw materials, goods, and services depending on the demand planning/forecasting and purchase orders.

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Key features of the purchasing module:

  • Calculating demand for products based on established minimal and maximal inventory levels
  • Automatically generating purchase or production orders (based on the replenishment method) in case of calculated shortage
  • Demand forecasting based on sales statistics for the previous period and automatic generation of purchase orders
  • Tracking the cycle of purchasing from the moment the need arises (request for quotation RFQ response or purchase order) to the receival of goods and payment
  • Managing vendors and setting different types of contracts with suppliers
  • Purchase order management
  • Local, imported, and consignment purchases
  • Registering the return of goods/materials to vendors and issuing a debit note document
  • Creating vendor price lists according to different price types, groups, and products
  • Serial number tracking and barcoding

Cash management module

Cash flow module of Clobus provides planning and control of cash receipt/expenditure and non-cash funds of the enterprise, as well as reflection of cash transactions. The payment calendar is the main tool for financial planning, scheduling payments, and control of the execution, which helps you avoid cash gaps in your account.

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Key features of the cash flow module:

  • Using various payment methods (cash, non-cash) and multiple currencies
  • Transferring funds between bank accounts and track funds that are in-transit
  • Loan management
  • Cash flow and cash statement reports
  • Payment calendar to analyze and plan the cash assets transfer
  • Cash balance forecast report based on payment terms and cash planning documents
  • Cash flow budget and cash flow variance reports

Warehouse module

Warehouse and delivery module of Clobus provides inventory control, stocktaking, barcode scanning, as well as reporting on available stock, inventory turnover, stock statement, stock summary, etc.

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Key features of the warehouse module:

  • Setting up warehouse bins to store information about the warehouse structure: aisles, racks, cells, etc.
  • Transferring inventory items from one department to another and between warehouse cells
  • Reserving inventory for storage and production and specifying requirements of sales orders in purchase orders and assembly/production orders
  • Controlling and registering surplus, shortage, and damage of goods during recount
  • Analyzing the inventory balances, reserves, and available goods
  • Analyzing the turnover and average storage period of the products in a warehouse
  • Getting surpluses and shortages of inventory registered by receipts and write off documents, as well as surpluses/shortages balance

Production and service module

Production module of Clobus provides cost analysis and automatic allocation of expenses to product cost. Analyze work schedules, services rendered, output of finished and half-finished products for specified period (day, week, month) with production scheduler and other features for full monitoring of production processes.

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Key features of the production module:

  • Analyzing a ratio of target and actual output, performed works, and rendered services.
  • Automatic allocation of materials to the product according to bill of resources
  • Allocating expenses to product cost
  • Employee work schedules and monitoring plan-fact analysis of the technological operations performed by employees under the job sheets
  • Employee pay sheet automation
  • Serial number tracking and barcoding
  • Registering customer requests for works and services
  • RMA requests
  • Production variance and direct material variance analysis

HRM and Payroll module

HRM and Payroll module of Clobus provides all the basic processes of personnel records, payroll, and reports. It helps you systematize personnel information, simplify personnel document flow, reduce labor intensity for maintaining personnel records, and reduce time for solving one-off tasks and reporting.

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Key features of the HRM
and payroll module:

  • Systemizing and recording detailed employee information, positions, and working schedule
  • Keeping all HR documents from hiring to transfers/terminations
  • Time tracking, timesheets and individual schedules of employees
  • Calculating payments, deductions, and accruals
  • Various ways of earnings calculation

Analysis module

Analysis module of Clobus provides a manager dashboard which allows you to analyze the target indicators of the enterprise and the dynamics of their change, including interactive diagrams.

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Key features of the analysis module:

  • Cash balance, accounts receivable, accounts payable
  • Net sales, net sales by product categories/customers/sales managers
  • Sales trend by periods/products/product categories/customers/sales managers
  • Sales variance
  • Discount card sales
  • Goods shipped not invoiced, goods received not invoiced
  • Cash flow, cash inflow/outflow trends
  • Payment calendar
  • COGS
  • Direct materials variance
  • Available stock, stock summary, and statement
  • Income and expenses, trends with breakdown by sales orders
  • Income and expenses (cash method) , income and expenses trend (cash method)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Cost of Sales
  • Trial Balance

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