Product Overview

Clobus is a system to automate all business processes with every component of key business functions integrated into one software solution. Complete package of functions starting from CRM, purchases, manufacturing, warehouse, and inventory control to sales and much more.

Each company has its unique expertise acquired during their years in business. Because of the flexible and complex software - Clobus, it can be easily customized. Depending on your business needs, you can add corresponding modules and restrict user access based on their specific role in the organization. Manage multiple companies and perform transactions using various currencies in a single Clobus system.

Key business benefits from Clobus include:

  • Complete control over all of your key business functions in a single system
  • Enabling collaboration across all your departments
  • Faster and prompt management decisions with real time reports
  • Target indicator dashboard of all business units
  • Reflection of all processes on an organization’s financial results
You have enough challenges. Don’t let analyzing the well-being of your business be one.